Zcore logoZcore™ is the foundation that we have used to create easy-to-use data collection and management applications for projects ranging from health care to legal case management. It is well-suited for point-of-care applications. Zcore features easy forms creation, multilingual capabilities, and useful networking and data center integration.

Zcore renders pages into its embedded web browser, which is provided by the Eclipse RCP framework. Data are stored in the application using the embedded Derby database, can be shared with a remote data center via Zcore's built-in synchronization system, can be exported to a MySQL database. and can be exported to other formats, such as Microsoft Excel. Data systems based on Zcore can be used to collect data from remote sites. Using Zcore, these sites can then synchronize their data with a remote, shared database over the Internet and Internet connectivity is present. The result is a scalable, fault-tolerant data sharing network. Projects based on Zcore have been deployed in Zambia, Kenya, and South Africa.

RTI is not currently using or maintaining Zcore. The software and documentation remain free and open source to other organizations that may find them useful.


  • Pharmacists in Nairobi, Kenya, learn how to use Zcore-DAR software to manage pharmaceutical supplies.

    Role-based security (Password-protected)
  • Easy forms creation
  • Application and forms may be translated into multiple languages.
  • Simple installation
  • Problem-based care
  • Instant workgroups: More than one PC may enter data into the application at the same time.
  • Propagate form changes to remote instances of the application- see Importing records from a remote site screencast.


  • Perinatal Care - Zambia Electronic Perinatal Record Diagram showing remote Zcore sites synchronizing with a central database.System (ZEPRS) is being used by clinics and the University Teaching Hospital in Lusaka, Zambia to improve patient care.
  • Pharmaceutical supplies - The Zcore Daily Activity Register (DAR) is a project based on Zcore ™ that is currently being deployed in Nairobi, Kenya for the management of inventory in public health center pharmacies. RTI worked with the Provincial Pharmacist's Office to develop the software and training program that enables pharmacists to use this electronic system of stock control.
  • Malaria Spraying - The Zcore IRS (Indoor Residual Spraying Application) assists projects in the collection and aggregation of data from remote field sites. Data for each day’s spraying, including details about each house spraying or the day’s spraying totals, is entered into the main form.
  • OpenMRS Integration - This project demonstrates interoperability between Zcore and OpenMRS, a community-developed, open-source, enterprise electronic medical record system framework
  • Rape Case Management - As part of the Women’s Justice Empowerment Initiative (WJEI) project in South Africa, RTI is working with the Sexual Offenses and Community Affairs (SOCA) unit of the National Prosecuting Authority to build a case management system. The Zcore Thuthuzela Information Management System (TIMS) will be used to manage the legal, medical, and psycho-social cases at the Thuthuzela Care Centers (TCC's).

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