OpenROSA logo.JavaROSA is an XForms client written in Java Mobile Edition (J2ME). It supports a wide array of devices from smart phones with large screens and large memory capacity to low-end mobile phones. Making JavaRosa usable on low-resource devices is one of the project's highest priorities.

JavaROSA is a product of the OpenROSA consortium.The consortium was formed to create a set of standards to allow mobile data collection tools to interoperate. These standards make it possible to select and combine tools for:

  • Designing data collection forms
  • Displaying forms on mobile devices
  • Transmit collected data to a remote server for storage and analysis

Many organizations that use JavaROSA have produced tools that comply with OpenROSA interoperability standards. Examples include Cell Life, Dimagi, EpiSurveyor, GATHER, Open Data Kit, adn openxdata.

RTI enhanced JavaROSA so that it could "fall back" automatically from GPS tansmission to SMS text message transmission of data. This is important in environments where:

  • Data may be collected and stored on the mobile device when out of mobile phone network coverage
  • GPRS data transmission is not available on all areas on the mobile phone network
  • GPS data transmission is preferred when it is available, because it is less expensive than SMS text messaging

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