Basic Concepts

Zcore-based applications tend to follow the same concept: tracking people through a pre-defined process, such as a pregnancy or a legal case. The system provides a wizard-style interface that feeds the user the most appropriate form depending partly on the client's current state, or"flow," in the application. Zcore can store multiple processes (called "events") per client. A submitted value may trigger a rule to display notification text to the user.

Each Zcore project may describe these concepts differently:

  • ZEPRS tracks patients through multiple pregnancies. "Solution-based care" is used to present feedback to the clinician with pertinent information about the patient's condition. ARV care is integrated into the overall patient care provided within ZEPRS.
  • DAR, an ARV inventory application deployed in Nairobi, tracks ARV patients and ARV drug stocks. Alerts are displayed when stocks are exhausted.
  • TIMS, a case management application deployed in South Africa, tracks rape survivor's legal cases.

Note: the ZEPRS Documentation Book has a section on Basic Concepts that offers in-depth information about that particular Zcore implementation.